Solar panels Kenya - Solar Energy: The Exciting Frontier in Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

Due to the decreasing amount of renewable energy resources, the last 10 years have become important for per watt costs of solar energy device. Solar energy has become economical and it has been rapidly growing as a better technology over the years.

The sun is the primary source of the planets energy. The sunlight and energy that comes from the sun is called solar energy. Solar energy, radiation from the Sun is capable of producing heat consequently causing chemical reactions, or generating electricity. If the sun is suitably harnessed, it has the potential to satisfy all future energy needs.

Solar energy has become more and more attractive as a renewable energy source making the 21st century the “solar power century”. Thanks to its infinite supply and its nonpolluting nature, the potential for solar energy is enormous.

We as Nationwide Electrical Industries Ltd., in collaboration with our partners are willing to get on board and help the nation produce more solar energy. Solar energy above all will replace the need for the current fossil fuels used for the generation of electricity which cuts greenhouse gases and helps in sustainable development of the nation.

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