Lightning Protection Systems

Indelec Prevectron

Our Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) are designed to protect structures or building and contents from damage caused by the intensely high voltage currents of a lightning strike (often exceeding a 1,000 Megavolt – Amps). It offers a lightning strike a low resistance path to ground where the enormous energy is then safely dispersed.

We offer top of the range Lightning Protection Systems viz. the PREVECTRON® 3 S60 Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor, which combines the latest technologies: OptiMax® technology, modularity, first ever UL certified ESE air terminal.

The low resistant path offered by a lightning protection system is very important as high voltage currents from a lightning strike will always take a path of least resistance to ground.

Without Lightning Protection, any grounded object that provides a path to earth will emit fingers of electrical charge called positive streamers upwards into the sky. These positive streamers intercept the downward negative leaders from a thunder storm so creating a channel of plasma air for the giant voltage currents of a lightning strike to travel along. If the grounded object is a building the high voltage currents will then travel along any low resistant paths within that building’s structure causing heat damage. Lightning energy may even jump through the air to reach a better conductive path.

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