About Us

With over 25 years in the industry, the company is one of the leading local manufacturers of innovative lighting luminaries and cable management systems for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

It has been the company’s policy to deal with architects, electrical engineering consultants, interior designers and clients on specific needs to provide unique and exclusive products, custom to project designs. Our priority is to manufacture products that meet specific design criteria set out by designers and clients.

We also stock a range of imported electrical items, which adhere to the company’s strict quality standards. This strict adherence to quality has won the company many franchises for Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

We are strongly committed to providing robust, high quality aesthetic, and high-efficiency products. In order to provide increased value, we endeavor to provide value-based pricing so as to ensure 100 % satisfaction and retention of our clients.

Mission & Vision

The company’s Mission is to meet and exceed customer expectations and create value by providing high quality and cost-effective lighting and electrical décor solutions.

We will continue to master new technologies as they develop in our industry. We pledge to maintain progressive business philosophies and pursue unique and challenging projects to help build a corporate culture that fosters
innovative thinking and strategic action.

The company’s Vision is to lead East Africa in lighting up peoples lives by providing the value based lighting and electrical décor solutions.