Metal fabrication and welding are the most fundamental processes involved in casting metals into the desired product. Many people often have trouble understanding the distinctions between the two processes.

Metal fabrication involves an evolutionary process of creating a metal product from scratch to its final desired shape or design. On the other hand, welding is joining two metals with the same melting point and compositions using fusion.

In reality, there is a metal fabricator and a welder, but there is always a 100% chance that one knows both careers. Nationwide possess a great team of engineers and staff who have extensive experience in the ever-growing metal fabrication industry. More importantly, Nationwide enjoys state of the art equipment to deliver unbeatable quality in both standard and custom fabrication.


In the metal fabrication process, we mainly deal with welding, cutting, bending and assembling of metal parts. On the other hand, welding basically involves joining two pieces of metal together. 

Clearly, a welder and a metal fabricator use a totally different set of tools. Nationwide is fully dedicated to your success and in addition, we offer exceptional customer support to our clients. For this reason, we utilize top of the line Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines for both sheet metal fabrication and welding. For instance, in fabrication, we utilize a CNC Punch press, CNC Laser cutter, CNC Press brake, and a Hydraulic guillotine machine. On the other hand, Nationwide possess an ARC, MIG, TIG, and Spot welding machines for various applications.

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In general, metal fabrication goes hand in hand with welding. This is because welding is a metal forming technique. Both fabrication and welding involve different sets of processes. A couple of processes are involved In order to accomplish the desired task in sheet metal fabrication. They include cutting, punching, drilling, machining, and even welding. On the other hand, welding involves joining two or more pieces of metal. Numerous different welding techniques exist, each of which has its own particular merits and demerits.

Currently, Nationwide boasts to be the number one sheet metal fabricators in Kenya. Our first-rate reputation is a result of our exceptional product quality and competitive market prices. As a result, this brings us business both nationally and internationally.


At Nationwide Electrical Industries Limited, we deliver effective and efficient metal welding and metal fabrication services. We are always happy to respond to any queries you have about your metal fabrication needs. More importantly, we always assign people best suited to perform both tasks. To read more on our outstanding sheet metal fabrication services, please click on the link https://www.nationwidegroup.co.ke/fabrication-services/

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