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5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Wall Lights In Your Home

You can creatively incorporate wall lights into your Interior Decor using these options:

  1. Over a desk: We all know there’s no such thing as a paper-less office or a tidy desk, so make yourself some extra space by fixing your work light to the wall.
  2. Beside your bed: A wall-mounted bedside light not means you can do away with the bedside cabinet, it also gives you two lights in one: rotate the shade towards you when you want to read, then tilt it away to create a warm, ambient glow.
  3. Above an art work or collection of objects: A spot light positioned above a wall-hung art work or a collection of objects will create a focal point. (Be careful with glass fronted pictures though – unless reflections are what you’re looking for.)
  4. In a dingy corner: A beautiful wall light can transform a dark spot. Go for something sculptural in a pop of fresh colour.
  5. In the kitchen: A mounted lamp around the kitchen worktop looks great and provides brilliant task light. When you’re done chopping, you can change the mood by rotating lamp.
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